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Sustainability Matters To Us

Our designers are constantly finding ways to create the same innovation and style you love much more responsibly. From saving water to using recycled fibers to inspiring industry-wide change, progress is woven into everything we do here. Take a look around and learn about the sustainable materials we use in our clothes.

Water Less®
Every Drop Counts

Traditional dyeing and finishing processes consume a ton of water, so we developed a suite of water-saving techniques to do it more responsibly. We call it Water<Less®. So far, we’ve saved over 3 billion liters of water — and hope to inspire industry-wide change by sharing our methods with others.

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Cotton Hemp
Save Water. Wear Hemp.

Hemp needs less water and chemicals to grow compared to cotton. So we made a special fabric that blends the two while still feeling just like cotton. In other words: you get maximum comfort all while reducing your impact.

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Organic Cotton
Good. Clean. Cotton.

Soft, clean and chemical free, we use organic cotton grown without pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers to promote healthier soil and cleaner water.

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Recycled Fibers
High Performance. Low Impact.

From incorporating recycled polyester to using REPREVE® — a wicking, water-repellent polyester fiber sourced from recycled materials — we’re finding new ways to bring the comfort and performance you expect, all with a lower impact.

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