Join Dockers® California road trip in pursuit of new experiences
Get Into A Golden State Of Mind

Fall 2021

Golden State of Mind

Three friends. One road trip. Meet Christopher, Moriah and Keaton. We followed them as they rode along the California coast, hanging out, taking pictures and soaking up the good weather — all while wearing Dockers®.

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Meet Christopher

Mechanic, freestyle dancer, and beginner surfer, Christopher loves photography above all else. His mantra is to expect the unexpected — and make it your own.

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Hey There, Keaton

Keaton’s a professional videographer and an avid skater. A short list of his favorite things: getting quality time with his board, the ocean air and a last-minute coffee run.

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The Pleasure’s All Ours, Moriah

Moriah’s a nonprofit volunteer who loves to teach and to cook. Her tried-and-true road trip rule? Always go where the locals go.

Ready for Anything