Our Ongoing Partnership With Stonewall

We’re honored to continue our partnership with Stonewall Community Foundation for the sixth year running. Throughout 2023, we’ll continue to support them on initiatives that benefit the LGBTQIA+ community.

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About Stonewall

Stonewall Community Foundation invests in the LGTBQIA+ community within New York City’s boroughs, working with small, grassroots nonprofits and populations experiencing the greatest vulnerability. Continuing the fight for equality and LGBTQIA+ rights that started with the Stonewall Riots of 1969, Stonewall Community Foundation focuses on causes like education and violence prevention, family acceptance and health — with community participation at the core of their work.  

It’s All Love

Letting your partner have the last bite. Getting matching tattoos. Learning their native tongue. There are infinite ways to express your love — each as meaningful as the next. This season, we celebrate LGBTQIA+ love in all its forms.

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Black Futures Fund

Seeded by support from Dockers, the Black Futures Fund is a continuation of Stonewall’s decades-long investments in the development of Black LGBTQIA+ leadership. In addition to resourcing nonprofits that center Black LGBTQIA+ experience and innovation, BFF is the cornerstone of Stonewall’s initiative to build a national community of Black LGBTQIA+ visionaries, creators and movement makers.